Monday, December 12, 2016

When You Can't Be Enough

The tree stands 9 feet tall and covered with 15 Christmases worth of ornaments. From the few fragile glass ornaments that have survived four dogs and four kids and countless guests, to the Hallmark ornaments that I have collected for each of my dear ones the day after Christmas. Standing in line because only a sucker will pay full price.

This new to us tree that I bought at a late season garage sale a few weeks ago for $10. Covered with white lights this year. Normally I love the multicolored, but this year my heart yearned for the simple twinkle of white fairy lights.

A mark in the pro column for not having a pre lit tree.

Garlands winding their way up the staircase and over the fireplace and festooning the entry door.

This time of year is dark. And cold. And I, being a Florida girl at heart, shrivel at the dark. And the bickering from no outside playing. My stomach in knots. Needing sunshine. Or Vitamin D. Lots of it.

Wanting so much say the right things but dark sarcasm sneaks out. Out of my dark and out of my yuck.

But there stands the tree. Lending its light to the dark. Compensating for the black outside my windows.

And that is the beauty of Christmas.

Christ coming into the mess of a stable. Into the mess of our lives.

What better thing could there be to celebrate?

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